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      Hawaiian massage

      The Hawaiian massage is also called “Lomi Lomi Nui”, or the “Loving Hands massage” and it’s in fact coming from Hawaii; the Hawaiian term “Lomi Lomi Nui” simply means “massage”. The manipulations and the typical movements remember the amazements of this Island: the ocean’s waves, the movements of the regional dance Hula and those of the local martial art. Another central element of the Hawaiian mentality is the searching for love and harmony, so the therapist has to be participant of the patient’s emotions, transmitting him calmness and tranquility, usind also the prinicples of aromatherapy.

      It’s scientifically proved that during a session of Hawaiian massage there are liberated serotonins and endorphins, which are the “well-being hormons”. The most used massage oil is the monoi, which the Hawaiian and Tahitian women used for centuries as aftersun lotion or as a lotion to hydrate the body and the hair. It’s made of coconut oil and through the maceration of the famous Tiaré flower, which gives the oil its typical perfume. This massage had its beginnings in Hawaii, later it reached the USA, from there it came to the whole world.

      This kind of massage was seen as a holy ritual, the techniques were referred from father to son. The masseurs were called “Kahuna”, which means “teachers”, the Hawaiian massage was made to sign the passage from one phase of life to another. The therapist begins to massage opening the arms and holding them up, a symbol of reception of the healing energy directly from the Universe. In this kind of massage the arms are called the “the soul’s wings”.

      According to the Hawaiians every negative event is “registrated” not only in the cerebral memory but also in every single cell. The body and the spirit are interwoven one with each other, a legend tells that Hawaii is that what remained of the lost continent Mu and that the teachers “Kahuna” are the “guardians of the secret” of this disappeared continent. The principal elements of this massage are: the breath, the music, the touch and the dance. For favourising the process of relaxation, the massage is always accompanied by a background music wich favours calmness and serenity. The location where the massage is made has to recall the four elements- air, earth, fire and water, bringing their energy to the patient.

      The aim of this massage is to evoke relaxation, love and harmony, solving the joints, distending the musculature and improving the circulation. The movements are slowly, long and deep, the therapist works with the hands and the forearms; the massage can be made by one or two person, for making it more incisive. The movements of the massage are meant to be like the ocean’s waves, a very important point of reference for this massage. The treatment begins at the head for continuing on the back, working then on the arms, legs, hands and feet, it lasts about 60 minutes. The Hawaiian massage often is made in combination with the Hot Stone massage, the incisivity of the treatment depends on the patient’s needs.

      This massage is beneficial for the following systems: circulatory, lymphatic, breathing, digestive, osteomuscular. It’s also a good treatment for the nervous system, it combats stress and eventual psychological traumas. Nobody can live normally with a tense body, the Hawaiian massage can also evoke revitalazing effects. The contraindications of this treatment are: local skin inflammations, pregnancy, fractures, bruise, nausea, tumors, slipped disc, high pressure, menstrual cicle, cancer, acute breathing problems (bronchitis etc), high fever, hermorrhage, shock.