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      Indonesian massage

      The Indonesian massage is called “Sea Malay”, its origins lay in the surroundings of Medan; according to some sources this massage at the its beginning should sign the passage from childhood to adult age, while according other sources it was the “queen’s massage”. According these sources this massage was an exclusive prerogative of the king’s concubines. It’s known for sure that the therapist and the patient have to be of opposit sex and it seems like there existed a “protocol” of tecniques for men and women. The ideal qualities of an Indonesian masseur are: sensibility, silence, concentration, capacity of listening.

      He works not only with his hands, but also with his feet, elbows, forearms and knees; if necessary he would also walk on the patient’s back. The Indonesian massage is constituted by a mix of several influences: Chinese, Indian, Thai and Shiatsu. The massage oils are: the St John's wort, known for its antidepressive qualities or the oil of white willow, which is known for its analgesic qualities. Moreover the massage requires the essential oil of maritime pine, which has excellent crisping qualities. This massage is made through manipulations which follow exact geometrical forms, such as circles, squares or triangles. This figures are chosen according to an exact order, for stimulating the three chakra which are part of the affective sphere: the second- of sensuality, the fourt- of unconditional love and the seventh- of spiritual love.

      The Indonesian massage is useful in case of osteoarticular problems, for the neuromotor rehabilitation, for limiting stress, anxiety and depression. The nervous, vascular and lymphatic systems are stimulated, nevertheless after the massage the patient feels relaxed like after a long sleep.