• kalari-massage

      Kalari massage

      The Kalari massage is a variant of Ayurvedic massage born in meridional India, in combination with Yoga. The massage was usually made for circus, martial arts and dancing athletics. If done regulary the massage promotes the longevity. This massage is made with feet and is a good treatment in case of traumas and bruises, moreover it solves muscular rigidity, it alleviates tiredness and if made in the abdominal area it’s a real cure-all for problems of the digestive apparat and for stress.

      During the Kalari massage the therapist works with feet instead of hands as the musculature of the athletics was a lot more developed that the common people’s one, for this the therapist needed more power. The masseurs were waiting the warriors when they returned from the battlefield, for accelerating their regeneration across the Kalari massage. The massage is made by beats, pressions and slidings, everything made with feet. Sometimes the therapist hangs on a rope, for making a better and more delicate work. The massage oils are: coconut, which has a refreshing effect, sesame for warming up, mustard for a more robust consitution and camphor to strenghten the balsamic effects.

      The oils are spread with the feet, if the therapist begins the massage doing centrifuge movements, it means that the patient needs a strenghtening of the venous circulation. If he works with centripetal movements the patient needs to fortify the artery circulation. This massage lasts about two hours, it’s subdivided into five stages; it’s required a maximum of tranquility, so a background music isn’t recommended. A common custome is not to speak to the therapist. The massage is contraindicated in case of slipped disc, recent traumas or acute inflammations.