• kayasekan-massage

      Kayasekan Massage

      The Kayasekan Massage belongs also to the Ayurveda medicine which makes sweat a lot; it has also an energizing function and is particularly good in case of stress and anxiety.

      This massage is advisable for “Kapha” people, who normally need more energy than other persons and is made with four hands while the whole body is spread with oils. The oils are chosen according to the prevalent dosha in a person.

      If the person is “Vata” or “Kapha” the therapeutic oil should be lukewarm. While for a “Pitta” person the oil can be room temperature. It is advisable also for the purification of the body, for circulatory problems and rheum pains. The aging is slowed down as almost all the Ayurveda massages do.

      The massage treatment is very fast, and it doesn’t last more than 20 minutes, it dissolves all the muscle blockages of the body. This massage can be made in a sauna in order to relax and purify the body more deeply.