• massage-with-mussels

      Massage with mussels

      The massage with mussels or the so-called “Venus massage” has a relaxing, anti-aging, draining and illuminating effect, especially when made on the face. The therapit’s movements are very ampious and wraparounding. On the legs, where the risk of water retention is the highest, the therapist works with deep and incisive manipulations. The vibrations of the mussels are very relaxing and proper to combat insomnia, stress, several kinds of headache, digestive and osteoarticular problems. In contact with the skin the mussels release ions of calcium, which support the skin’s healing processes.

      The mussels are rich in oligoelements, which are able to nourish the skin even in the deeper areas. In fact mussels contain elements which stimulate the production of collagen and the cellular metabolism. The size of the mussels can vary according to the part of body to treat. For the face there are used small and smooth mussels, while for the back, decollété and abdomen areas there are used bigger ones. For the legs the therapist works with circular mussels while on feet and hand’s palm are used rougher mussels, which have a massage and scrub effect on the skin.

      The massage continues on the scalp, using oblong mussels. The used massage oil is the monoi oil, which is known for its emollient and moisturizing qualities, the coconut aroma as well as the tiaré flowers provide a sensation of Polynesia. The massage with mussels can also be made in combination with scrubs, or with the application of mother-of-pearl dust or alga- compresses to experience all the benefits of the talassotherapy. One session lasts one hour and is made in a relaxing and comfortable ambience.