• salt-massage

      Salt massage

      The salt massage, especially if made with powerful salt types like salt of the Dead Sea, of Britain or Himalaya, is a real miracle for skin problems like eczemas or psoriasis, osteoarticular problems or cellulitis. Marine salt is actually one of the most effective ingredients of the talassotherapy beside seawater and algas. A salt massage is beneficial both for men and women, especially after sports, as the salt has a crisping and detoxinant function.

      The massage often is preceded by a scrub, which contributes to clean, disinfect and smooth down the skin, it removes dead cells and expells toxins and eccessive liquids. So a salt massage is very recommended in case of water retention. The scrub opens the skin’s pores, so that the skin can receive all the treatment’s benefits. For strenghten the salt’s positive effects, there are added several kinds of essential oils, according to patient needs.  

      Another variant of this massage is the massage with the spheres of Himalaya salt, which represents the world’s oldest and purest salt. It contains 84 minerals and a lot of antioxidants, which make of it a popular ingredience both for kitchen and wellness! Thanks to it the therapist can massage the whole body, the massage is recommended in case of tiredness or ostearticular problems. It has also crisping and stimulating effects on the bloody circulation.