• shiatsu-massage

      Shiatsu massage

      This kind of massage is born in Japan at the beginnings of the twentieth century, though its roots are located in the ancient Chinese medicine,  which was “imported” by the buddhist monks in 560 AC. The knowledge of the Chinese monks was integrated with the japanese tradition. The massage with therapeutic functions was rediscovered at the end of the ninetheenth century, during the Meiji epoque, when Japan startet the way to the occidentalization.

      In the sixties Shiatsu became a real scientifical cure, following the principles funded by the teacher Namikoshi, the “inventor” of the Shiatsu massage, which is principally based on acopuncture and on the necessity of preventing illness. In Occident the Masunaga method is more popular, according to the name of one of Namikoshi’s disciples: his philosophy is based on the relaxation and regulation of the heartbeat. Shiatsu is a very common method in Japan; in fact persons just coming from work prefer to relax at a Shiatsu session before going home, the session lasts about 45 minutes.

      The massage works at a deep level, but the manipulations are sweet and relaxing, they generally consist in pressions, tractions and mobilizations; eventual energetic blocks aren’t solved with force but with calmness till reaching complete balance. The therapist doesn’t use only his hands but also his ellbows and knees. Shiatsu permits to recuperate a good state of healthiness even after a few sessions, as the majority of Oriental massages treat the patient’s body and soul as an inseparable unity.

      The Shiatsu masseur is often called “shiatsuka”, he doesn’t work directly on the skin, in fact he doesn’t use oil for this massage. Instead he works with moxibustion, which means stimulation of a certain point warming it with burned mugwort herb.The patient must come to the session weared with a sweatsuit or with other comfortable clothing.

      The Shiatsu massage is a good method to treat the following problems: gastroenteritis, stress, insomnia, ostearticular or menstrual problems; furthermore it helps to liberate the body of lactic acids. Furthermore this massage can be made during the acute period of several illnesses. In this case there are used special manipulations. Actually Shiatsu is efficient in case of trauma, colds or inflammations, but it shouldn’t be made in case of infectious illnesses, slipped disc or therapies with cortisone.