• spices-massage

      Spices Massage

      The spices massage helps not only to escape from routine during winter but it is also known for its warming, anti-oxidants and anti-cellulite benefits. According to the Chinese medicine, the cellulite is caused by an excess of “yin”, the female energy, which is cold and dark. That’s why it has to be fought with warm ingredients as “yang”. The spices which are used during this massage are cinnamon, curcuma, juniper, vanilla, cardamom, cumin and ginger all famous for their tone-up, stimulating, anti-bacterial and warming qualities.

      This massage is a real way to cuddle also against cold and gives the feeling that the joints are numbed. The spices help also the circulation and give it tone and strength again. The spices should never been put “pure” on the skin, but should be mixed with oils, clay, mud and creams which limit a lot the risk of allergies.