• sport-massage

      Sport massage

      The sport massage is recommended for athletes, both amateur or professional. It’s a useful preparation to physical activity, it treats muscular convulsions, it stimulates local circulations, it’s recommended to prevent accidents. The sport massage is also a perfect preparation for a correct and save training, thanks to it the probalities of injuries, traumas and convulsions diminuish lightly. 

      The sport massage stimulites the blood circulation and the oxygenation of the tissues, allowing the muscles to distend and contract faster. After the training, the sport massage is proper to combat the lactic acids, it avoids fastidious muscle ache. The sportive masseurs are known by the CONI. This kind of massage is made before or after a great sport competition, it stipulates the utilization of several kind of oils. The massage before a competion works with elastizing and vascularizing, while the massage after the sportive activity uses relaxing, draining and alleviating manipulations.

      The massage post- competition is made from 30 minutes to 4 hours after the run. The used manipulations are: kneading, percussion and friction. This massage improves the blood and lymphatic circulation, it combats the lactic acids if made after the run, if made before the run it activates the muscles, it furthermore improves the sleep quality. The sport massage differs according to the kind of sport, the massage works on different parts of the body. It also helps to calm down nervous athletes, it works on a psychological and on a physical level, actually.