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      Swedish massage

      The Swedish massage is a classic Occidental massage, born actually in Sweden at the beginnings of the nineteenth century. Its inventor, Per Henrik Ling, was a scholar, a fencing and gymnastics instructor, son of a minister. He invented the massage basing it on the tecniques of the Tui Na massage. Mr. Ling made a lot of journeys, he came into contact with a lot of Asian people.  He created a Swedish massage integrating Oriental wellness with the Occidental one.

      The first therapeutical result of the Swedish massage came when Ling was called by the Swedish king to treat his troups after a bad military campaign. The tecnique of the Swedish massage has been improved by a Dutch. Ling was then nominated as the director of National Institute of Gymnastics and ordindary professor at the University of Uppsala. Thanks to him, the University of Stockholm included massage tecniques into the academic program.

      The Swedish massage can be made on the whole body or only partially, the manipulations are free and absolutely not rigid. The pressure is soft and is done by kneading , percussion and brushing. There exist also the methods of profound kneading, friction, vibration, pressing, stretching. This kind of massage concentrates on the most used parts of the body like the back, feed, legs and head. The most used oil for the Swedish massage is the arnica, known for its crisping, lenitive and refreshing qualities. Other oils are: argan, almond, jojoba and sesame. One session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes.

      This massage has antispasmodic, draining and crisping effect, it’s actually very recommended to combat cellulitis and to drain the lactic acids, perfcet also for athlets. One of its aim is to reach a higher oxygenation of the body organs, the body becomes more elastic. The Swedish massage is excellent to smooth down the skin, the positive effects of this massage have been testet and measured by the Cedar Sinai Medical Center of Los Angeles. The American doctors have actually noted that this kind of massage improves the immunitary defence and its anti-inflammatory qualities.

      The Swedish massage is perfect to combat stress, depression, insomnia, migraine,osteoarticular problems, digestive and circulatory problems, even excellent after a long journey in the airplane. It is contraindicated in case of: mycosis, open injuries, acute inflammatory states, infectuous illnesses. The therapist should also be informed if the patient is pregnant.