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      Thai massage

      Contrary to what people may think in a first moment Thai massage, also called Nuad- Bo Rarn, is born tens of thousands of years ago…in the monasteries! In fact the most famous massage school of Thailand is located…in the monastery of Wat Po. Until lately this kind of massage was practised exclusively in the montasteries. The school of Wat Po favours digito pressure such as manipulations, while the other Thai massage school, located in the northern city Chiang Mai, works with mobilizations.

      The Thai massage is in fact a real branch of the traditional National medicine. The Thai massage is not only solving the body’s tensions, but also negative emotions. The manipulations during the massage derive from the Indian tradition of Yoga, from the medicinal tradition of Tibet and from the Chinese medicine. The aim is to open the body’s energetic centres, allowing it to reach a stadium of lightness. The Thai massage works both on a preventive and a restabilization level after an illness.

      Contrary to what someone may think, the therapist and the patient have to wear comfortable clothes and there is no need of oils! The therapist works with hands, ellbows, feet and knees. This kind of massage is perfect for people who doesn’t feel comfortable too close to a foreign person. The therapist adapts the manipulations to the patient’s breathing rhythm. The Thai massage liberates the body from toxins, it stimulates the cardiocirculatory and immunitary system, it helps at osteoarticular, gastrointestinal, endocrine problems, in case of stress and insomnia. It’s also perfect for those who play aerobic sports, such as football or cycling. It is also recommended against insomnia, stress or depression. It works very deeply and it’s possible to choose between foot massage, total massage, face massage, child massage or Thai massage with small bags similar to the Indian “Pinda Sweda”. 

      There also exists a Thai massage especially for women, which treats problems during pregnancy, menstrual and menopause problems. In case of the following health problems this massage is contraindicated: slipped disc, osteoporosis, ipertension, circulatory problems, varicous veins, in case of intoxications by alcohol and drugs and soon after a surgical operation. If somebody would like to try this massage during a holiday in Thailand, for avoiding tragicomic situations it’s better to control the wellness center previous booking. If the atmosphere is serious and professional, then massage here is seen as a therapeutic cure. If the atmosphere is provocative and unserios, the massage it’s seen under another point of view.