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      Tibetan massage

      The Tibetan massage is an ancient medicine, it belongs to the most ancient traditional medicines practised over 4000 years ago. Since the times of Buddha, Tibet was in fact known as the “land of medicine” or the “land of the medicinal plants”. One of its most popular therapies is the massage, known also as Ku Nye, which works on the body’s meridians.

      For this particular, the Tibetan medicine seems similar to the Chinese one. Another example of Tibetan medicine is the sonorous massage of the “singing bowls”, which are the Tibetan bells, they reinforce the healthy part of the person. The traditional Tibetan medicine demonstratet itself particularly efficient in the cure of the following problems: anxiety, stress, insomnia, asthma, rheumatism, ulcer, artritis. The Tibetan massage works with sticks- the traditional artemist “cigars”, hot and cold stones, shells and compresses made with spices. The Tibetan medicine is based on the harmony of the following five elements: air, fire, space and wind. In the body there are present: wind, fire, the torpidity. Wind is located at the center of the body, the bile at the right and the torpidity at the left side. The wind is in charge of the words, the menstrual cycle, the breath, the physical and mental activities, the body’s excretions. This element also helps the five human senses. The element of fire is in charge of hunger, thirst, digestion; the emotions connected to this element are courage and determination. 

      The torpidity is in charge of the mental and physical stability, it helps to sleep better and maintains the joints elastic. The emotions connected to this element are tolerance, generosity and laziness. The persons can have a consitution with wind, torpidity or bile prevalence, many persons present also a mixed consitution. The Tibetan massage, though it is very old, treats healthiness problems of the modern life and offers the possibility to individuate hidden ailments of body and soul. Because of this the Tibetan massage is also an excellent preventive mechanism, it is particulary recommended in case of digestive problems, problems at the urogenital apparat, depression, insomnia, keloids or scars. Furthermore it helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, it’s recommended also for children, seniors or pregnant women.

      The therapist works with the hand’s palm, the fingers, ellbows and the forearms, he stimulates the body’s meridians. The massage consists of three stages: the first is the unction of the body with therapeutical oils, according to the patient consitution. In the second stage the real massage begins. The Yak’s butter is for example proper for wind persons, for elderly persons or persons affected by head or feet problems. The sesam oil is excellent to rebalance the torpidity, to cure loin aches or circulatory problems or problems with the urogenital apparat. For the wind- torpidity constitutions, the almond oil or the olive oil are perfect, also during a general massage. The extra-vergine olive oil is recommended for weaker constitutions, other proper massage oils are the lard or the marrow.

      The used techniques are: pattering, rubbing or kneading. The third stage concludes the massage with a scrub of chickpea flour or flour of barley, removing not only the eccessive massage oil but also dead cells. The massage session can last 60 or 90 minutes, the first 15 minutes consist in a “welcome” ceremony. The session starts on the head and step by step it involves all other muscles of the body. The patient has to wear comfortable clothing. After the massage it’s better not to take a bath or shower for at least 3 hours, otherwise the patient can remain very tired, because all the energy gets out at once.