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      Wellness and thermal spring Molise

      The region of Molise is the first of Italy and is called the “clean heart of Italy”, it’s the less known and less visited one. Molise was founded in the early sixties, until that date the region was called “Abruzzo and Molise”. The most important cities are Campobasso and Isernia. The first city is located on a height of 701 m and belongs to the highest provincial capital cities of Italy.

      It was built according the model of a garden city and is one of the most beautiful cities in the middle South. In the public gardens of Campobasso there are growing rare trees like for example the giant redwood or the Libano- cedar. Moreover Molise is a destination for the winter holidays, since here are located famous ski resorts like Capracotta and Campitello Matese. The locality Termoli is situated by the sea, it offers perfect conditions for the bathing holidays, and from here numerous boats are departing to the islands of Tremiti. 

    • Campobasso is the capital city of the Molise region, the region was established in 1963, since that date it became more and more importance. The original Langobard city was built between the rivers Biferno and Fortore. In spite of the central- south position of the city, in winter it belongs to the coldest cities of Italy. The most important monuments and buildings are the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, the St. Leonhardt Church or the Monteforte Castle. The city is divided in two parts: the historic center with medieval origin, which is situated in the surroundings of the castle and the plain city, which was established according to the criteria of a garden city. Nature lovers can visit the Garden of the Capoa Villa with numerous plants and flowers. In Campobasso visitors can find the following museums: the new Province- Museum Sannitico, the Mysteries- Museum, the international Cribs- Museum, the gallery for contemporary art “Limiti- Inchiusi”.

    • The locality Capracotta is located in the province of Isernia and is the highest township in the Apennines after the township of Rocca di Cambio. Capracotta is a famous ski resort, in the 90’s the biathlon championships took place here. Sometimes the snow height in the locality reached actually 2 meters. Therefor Capracotta is called the “township of the snow storms”. Here guests can enjoy winter sports like cross- country skiing or Ski Alpin, in summer there is waiting the “garden of the Apennine flora”, where numerous plants and flowers are growing. The most important feasts of Capracotta are: the feast of the Holy Mother of Loreto, the “Pezzata” and the feast of the Holy Patron.

    • The locality Termoli belongs to the province of Campobasso and is located by the Adriatic Sea, it represents an ancient locality by the sea, priced with the nomination “Bandiera blu”. From here numerous boats are departing to the islands of Tremiti, which is one of the most beautiful Apulian archipelagos. The oldest part of the town is dominated by the Svevo Castle, which is the symbol of the city. It was built in the XIII century on command of Federico of Svevia and serves as the scenery for exhibitions, concerts and marriages. The town offers places of interest such as the cathedral square, the Vittorio Veneto square, the Madonna delle Grazie church and the pilgrimage place “Maria Santissima della Vittoria in Valentino”. Every year on August 4th in Termoli there is taking place the feast of San Basso. Moreover Termoli is the birthplace of the famous cartoonist Giuseppe Jacovitti, which invented the figure “Cocco Bill”.

    • Campitello Matese is a winter sports resort in the province of Campobasso, the ski- region is located on a height of 1429 m. Till the sixties the locality was visited only by sheperds, which in summer went to the Jessa- alp together with their herds. The winter sports center “Skirama” di Campitello Matese offers 40 km of ski pistes and 7 ascending facilities. In summer visitors can enjoy leisure activities like minigolf, trekking, archery, basket or volley. The locality is very famous among cyclists, since it represents a stage of the national cycle race “Giro d’Italia”.

    • Agnone is an art city with about 5000 inhabitants and is located in the province if Isernia in the region of Molise. Agnone is situated on an ancient Samnite settlement, the locality has worldwide popularity because of the foundry “Martinelli”, which fabricates the church bells with the pontifical emblem. In times of the Bourbons Agnone was a famous, cultural center, it received the sobriquet “Semnite Athens”. During the fascist regime Agnone was the exile of regime- opponents like for example Don Raimondo Viale, which saved numerous Jews during the Second World War. His story was summed up in a cine film.