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      Mountain bike

      The advantages of  the mountain bike in comparision with the normal bicycle are, that there are trained numerous muscle groups, such as the arms, the shoulders and the abdomen, especially in case of inclinations or an unregular ground. Other muscle groups which become stronger through mountain biking are that of the loins, therefor the mountain bike is perfect for all backaches or even in case of sciatica. Better function of the lungs, better blood circulation, calorie consumption, perfect to combat overweight, healthy and efficient joints, minor strain.

      Mountain biking is contraindicated in the following cases: varicose veins, venous insufficiency, slipped disc, acute sciatica or backaches. The South Tyrolean Bikehotels offer also numerous mountain bike tours, there are available guided tours, wellness treatments especially for bikers, small reparations for the bike, special vitalmenus, garage for the bicycle, laundry service, shuttle service, arrangements with mountain bike schools. Often the host itself is a mountain bike fan and accompanies his guests on interesting excursions with the bike.

      It’s also very important to have a good equipment, here the necessary elements:

      A helmet, for protecting the head in case of accidents
      A mouthpiece in case of ambitious tours
      Gloves, sport sunglasses, proper sportswear with protective pads
      A small bag to store everything necessary
      A head and back light important especially in the evening
      A water bottle with water or an isotonic beverage.
      A padlock

      If someone has to accomplish a longer tour, there are additionally necessary these elements:

      One or two bicycle tubes in case of a blowout
      A set with screw wrenchers and a general purpose wrench and allen key, to adjusting the seat and the handle bar.
      Wrench for mounting and dismounting the shoe

      Moreover before starting the tour the bicyle has to be checked up.