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      Natural cosmetics

      The natural cosmetic industry has become very trendy in the last years, as more and more women are aware of the composition of their beauty products. The natural cosmetics earn more and more ground as apart from being fabricated without petroleum jelly, alcohol, parabens, mineral oils etc., they are very recommended for persons which have a sensible skin or are intolerant to certain chemical ingredients as well.

      Moreover, a lot of typical ingredients belonging to natural cosmetics come from developing countries, a lot of natural cosmetics companies are indeed working in favour of the fair trade, which wants to improve the living conditions of African, Asian and South American population. This kind of cosmetics meet the favour of the costumers consciousness about the animal rights, as they aren’t tested on them.

      Many companies of natural cosmetics created their natural products based on Aloe, argan butter, sheabutter and other natural ingredients, in order to respond to the costumers desire of turning back to nature. Moreover a lot of this cosmetics are packed in boxes made of paper or recycled carton, in order to support ecology and to diffuse the idea of a sustainable development and commerce. 

      Another branch of the natural cosmetics is the preparation of self- made cosmetics, as for instance the scrubs, the therapeutic baths or the face masks. This kind of cosmetics are cheap as people can use common products available in their kitchen, such as lemons, olive oil, sodium bicarbonate, strawberries, bananas, milk or its derivatives or the common kitchen salt.

      Natural cosmetics do not only consist of masks, baths, ointments, creams etc. but as well of soaps! The most common kind of natural soap is the Aleppo soap. This soap has its origins in Syria, it’s 100% biodegradable and anallergic and it’s made of natural ingredients. The recipe remained the same over centuries, it’s made of olive oil, soda extracted of marine salt and berries of laurel. Another natural soap is the Marseille soap, made of soda and olive oil. It’s a common agent for the house cleaning, but it’s also useful among cosmetics.