• antrotherapy


      The antrotherapy is a treatment in which the patient stays in a cave with a particular microclimate, naturally under control of a doctor. The time of permanence in this warm- humid cave is about 15- 60 minutes, while the time of permanence in a so-called „stove“ is about 30- 35 minutes. The caves actually can be warm or hot, the warm ones are divided into warm- humid and warm- dry ones, which are also called „stoves“.

      Antrotherapy in cold caves is also called “speleotherapy” , the temperature oscillates between 9° and 12°. In warm- humid caves the temperature oscillates between 37° and 47°, while in warm- dry caves the temperature is still higher (50°- 70°), because of the major dryness of the air. People who suffer from circulatory problems should consult a doctor before doing antrotherapy, since high temperatures can be harmful. This kind of treatment is recommended in case of problems on the respiratory system, allergies, or aches on the osteoarticular system, rheumatic aches or for mature skin typologies.