• compress-of-horse-chestnut-leaves

      Compress of horse chestnut leaves

      The compress of horse chestnut leaves is a good remedy for tired and swollen feet and it is known also for its draining and purifying qualities which help to fight against cellulitis. The horse chestnut is also known for the astringent, anti-inflammation, anti- bleeding, anti-pain reliever, fluidifying and vessels constrictor qualities. The leave compress is indeed one of the best wellness treatments in autumn in South Tyrol. The horse chestnut leaves compress can be added to cypress berries, known for its balsamic and decongestant benefits.

      The compress can be prepared together with the cypress also at home. Take 6 gr of horse chestnut seeds and make it boil in 100 ml of water, then add 5 gr of cypress berries. Soak some gauzes for the compress or make some foot bathing, because the oil of horse chestnut cures varicose veins. A further option is to put two compresses of dry horse chestnut extract into a cup of boiling water or 50 drops of mother tincture. As soon as the water is cold it will be ready for use as a foot bath or a compress for ankles. It is also possible to boil 50 gr of horse chestnut bark for 15 minutes and pour the warm water in the bath in order to create a therapeutic a bath.