• emotional-showers

      Emotional showers

      The emotional shower stimulate senses and is recommended for men and women. There are different kinds of emotional showers: the chromatic, the “fog effect” shower, the one that stimulate the Caribbean rain, the Scottish one, the aroma-therapeutic one, vaporization shower, waterfall shower etc. The most known emotional showers are the Scottish one, that foresees the alternation of cold and warm water jet, and is beneficent to tone-up the body and stimulating the circulation.

      The emotional chromo therapeutic shower instead foresees illumination of a room with a particular color, while taking a shower. This heals the physical and emotional derangement thanks to chromo therapy. The shower that stimulates the Caribbean rain shows water effects with different lukewarm temperatures and helps the sensation of strong well-being through sounds, colors and typical aroma of tropic. The emotional shower ”cold fog “or “artic fog” has tone-up and revitalizing effects, often it smells as mint or eucalyptus. It is recommended especially after a sauna or a Turkish bath.