• fango


      The fango is used for different wellness treatments, it consists from salt from the Dead Sea, thermal water and fine, crumbled clay, or thermal water mixed with algas. Algas absorpe the toxins of the body. A new trend is the fango combinated with precious stones, such as sapphire! The therapeutic fango can be of different kinds: calming, consitutive, stimulant, dissolving.


      A fango bath helps against problems of the osteomuscular system, problems of the locomotor system or cellulitis. But also gout, osteoporosis, gynecological problems, neuritis, skin problems, phlebitis, verrucas or neuralgias can be treatened with a fango bath. The fango cures greasy or scabby hair, it stimulates the immune system, it has antioxidant and stress alleviating properties. The fango stimulates the production of endorphins, which are the well- being hormons.