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      Finnish Sauna

      The Finnish sauna is a Scandinavian treatment, which is very old and popular, it alleviates and cures muscle pains. The body is purified and detoxicated, even from heavy metals, the skin becomes elastic and the immune system is stimulated, finally the air ways are purified. Almost every house in Finland has a sauna and the Finnish athletes asked for a sauna every day during the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936. In the time after the Second World War the sauna became more and more popular in the whole Occident.

      In Finland the sauna is a totally normal ritual, the same as sleeping or eating. Ancient documents attest that in Finland the sauna existed already in 1100. This treatment is excellent against skinproblems like acne, eczemas or psoriasis. Moreover it’s proper for people with anxiety, insomnia, stress and overweight, since a 15 minutes session of sauna burns about 300 calories.