• hammam


      The hammam belongs to the most popular wellness treatments of the Orient and is popular even in the Occident. It’s a recommended treatment for couples, since it’s excellent for men and women. In the Arabic nations the depilation is accomplished during the hammam…on men and women! The hammam must be introduced with a tepid bath, to accostum to the warmth and to accomplish the typical savonnage with the black Berber soap.

      Subsequently the patient must move to a bathtub with warmer water (Caldarium), the temperature should lay between 30° and 60°. The Caldarium animates the skin, relaxes and detoxicates it. Now there is made a peeling with special gloves or the hair is washed with the so-called Ghassoul- clay. Afterwards the treatment continues in the frigiadarium, which is a fresh tub with a tightening and animating effect on the skin. The hammam is excellent to cure colds, influenzas and problems on the osteomusculary system.

      The hammam is efficient to treat the following affections: problems with the circulation, thrombophlebitis, serious respiratory problems. Even today the hammam is a very popular ritual in the Arabic nations, not only for the well- being but even to close a deal or to have a chat. In the cold season this treatment is excellent to purify the air ways and to alleviate mscle pains, in the summer it helps to tolerate better the hot temperatures and to refresh the body.