• kinesiatrics


      The term „kinesiatrics“ comes from the Greek and means movement therapy, this therapy derives from the physiotherapy and works with movement- supporting excercises and the so-called remedial gymnastics. The excercises can be active or passive, at an active kinesiatrics session the patient makes rehab- excercises under professional guidance of a therapist. He works with an excercise ball, with bars, tapes, while the passive kinesiatrics is made by the therapist who treats the patient with special manipulations.

      The movements of kinesiatrics are made from the limbs to the center of the body (in direction of the heart). The kinesiatrics is helpful in case of bone and muscle problems, for rehabilitation after a medical operation or an accident, to alleviate stress. This therapy is excellent for women to prepare for the birth, to train the pelvic floor muscles and the abdomen, the treatment has positive effects onto the respiratory system, the blood circulation and the metabolism.