• psammo-therapy

      Psammo Therapy

      The psammo therapy or the sand bathing belongs to the geo-therapy. This treatment is together with the thalassotherapy one of the most known and loves wellness treatments. For the psammo therapy treatment you have to make a hole in the sand and immerge yourself in it. It is possible also to make a smaller hole and put in just the painful limb. The “submersion “ can least from 15 to 60 minutes, according to the time the doctor prescripts, normally its 20 minutes. Today the psammo therapy is a classic therapy of the wellness and it was practice to the times of ancient Romans.

      One of the places in Italy where this therapy is made by experts is the Marine thermal baths of Grado. The sand of the beach contains a lot of materials which give benefits as the silicon. The psammo therapie is good for osteo- muscle pains, cellulitis and obesity. The excessive sweating purifies the body from toxins and relaxes paining muscles. In the wellness centers the sand is added to a mixture of salt and algae which increment its therapeutic benefits. The sand bathing should not be made in case of acute diseases, heart complaint or respiratory insufficiency.