• savonnage


      The savonnage of the body has a smoothening and moisturizing effect on the skin, the blood circulation is stimulated. It’s possible to soap the whole body or only a part of it, as for example the face or decolleté. The savonnage can be made in different ways: with the Aleppo- soap and with olive oil, with the black Berber- soap and with argan oil, with the Marseilles soap and with eucalyptus oil, with essential oils.


      The savonnage belongs to the wellness treatmen Hammam, which is made with the Ghassoul clay. This massage has furthermore a purifying peeling- effect, excellent to liberate the skin from dead skin cells or from impurities. It stimulates the lymphatic system, the savonnage with Ghassoul- clay supports also the total regeneration, especially after a long horse ride. It’s common that this sport requires great physical effort and a lot of concentration and the clay is popular for its antipyretic and effort alleviating effect.