• singing-bowls

      Singing bowls

      The treatment „Singing bowls“ is made with Tibetan bells, which are used in the so-called sound massage, where the well- being of the soul and the body are both supported by music therapy. The Tibetan bells are seven and every bell symbolizes one specific planet. They are produced with seven different metals, which are in accordance with the respective energy of the planet.

      The metals are the following ones: gold (sun), silver (moon), quicksilver (mercury), copper (venus), iron (mart), tin (Jupiter), plumb (saturn). The sound massage with the Tibetan bells was diffused in the Occident because of the exile of many Tibetan monks after the Chinese invasion. This treatment wants to harmonize the body with the soul and derives from an ancient Tibetan medicine. The sound massage with the Tibetan bells gives balance to the four chakras, it increases the self- confidence, alleviates stress, insomnia and strain, stimulates the self- healing power of a person. This massage begins with a bath in tepid oils, these have an elastizing and nurturing effect.


      Subsequently there is made the effective massage, through kneading, extraction and spotting muscular and emotional tensions are solved. The Tibetan bells are used at the end of the massage, the sound of the bells releases a purifying and harmonizing energy. After this treatment the patient often feels a profound emotion of effortlessness and harmony with himself and the world.