• threading


      With the spring the problem of the extra hair is coming again. Threading is one of the oldest of depilation methods; we think that its origins is Turkish, but the method is still very common in the Middle East and in India.

      Thanks to the increasing interest in the Orient, this method of depilation with a tread is very spread also in west. It is very difficult, because it needs months in order to learn! The method consists in removing the extra hair with a cotton tread.

      The beautician takes one end of the tread with the teeth and the other end with the left hand. The rolled cotton tread catches the extra hair and tears off the roots. The beautician should be a real expert for that work, because it can give lots of pain to the patient and cause also redness.

      If this method is made on a skin with acne it can cause also small trauma to patients. This method works good above all on the face, for the eyebrow, but it is not advised on parts of the body as knees or groin. The threading is perfectly natural and does not cause ingrown hairs.