• Statement provided in line with the legislative decree dated 30.06.2003 "Privacy Code"

      In compliance with Art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196 dated 30 June 2003 WE HEREBY INFORM that our company "Media Line S.r.l." duly processes all the personal data pertaining to any customer/supplier or any such person who willingly provides or supplies their personal data (via telephone, fax or e-mail.)

      In accordance with the provisions of said legislative decress, our company hereby guarantees that all personal data is processed in strict compliance with each and every subject right and liberty, as well as data subject dignity, with specific reference hereby to the privacy, the individual identity and any further data subject right to the protection of any personal data whatsoever collected.

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    • Purpose and aims of data processing:

      ▪ Compliance with any legal order, duty or obligation, with community regulations as well as civil and fiscal laws in force;
      ▪ Fulfilment of any contract provisions by the parties involved;
      ▪ Fulfilment of all duties in connection with the business of our company as well as the processing of internal statistical data, for financial statement purposes as well as any administrative, accounting, billing and recording purposes;
      ▪ Commercial purposes such as the sending of business information and advertising material (by post, fax or e-mail), marketing and market research;
      ▪ Protection of requirements and management of liabilities/responsibilities;
      ▪ Intentions/purposes with respect to insurance.

      A refusal to supply personal data or agree to such data processing may hinder the business from conducting the actual contractual relationship appropriately.

      With reference to the above stated purposes, personal data may be disclosed on request to:

      ▪ Any official administration and authority, as legally provided;
      ▪ To banks and credit institutes, with whom our association has relationships for credit/debt management;
      ▪ To each and every natural and/or legal, public and/or private individuals (legal, consultancy and tax offices, justice courts, chambers of commerce, etc.), whenever such disclosure may be necessary or to the ends of our purposes, aims and activities, always in line with the conditions and purposes mentioned above.

      The personal data processed by our association will not be released to third parties.

      Data processing can be conducted with or without the help of electronic, or automatic means and shall include all operations provided by Art. 4, paragraph 1, letter a) of Legislative Decree no. 196 dated 30 June 2003 . In any case, said data processing shall be also conducted in compliance with all safety measures to guarantee the safety and privacy of such data.

      The personal data protection act grants the data subjects the right to exercise specific rights as thereby provided by Art. 7. Specifically a data subject has the right to obtain confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning him do exist, regardless of if these have not yet been saved and to ask for information about the origin of personal data, the methods and reasons as well as the purposes of their processing, as well as identitfication data concerning data controllers and the individuals or categories of individuals, to whom or which these personal details may be communicated.
      The data subject has the right to check and confirm and control, to correct and complete his/her personal data and to request the deletion, closure and transformation into anonymous form, in the case that the data processing has violated legal regulations. The data subject has the right to object, in whole or in part, and on legitimate grounds, to the processing of his personal data, as well as to request their erasure, closure, and transformation into anonymous data also without legitimate grounds, if personal data are used for commercial information, sending of advertising material, direct sales, or market research and opinion polls.

      The above mentioned rights may be exercised by the party concerned or by an appointed person, by means of a registered letter or via E-Mail [email protected]

    • Owner of data processing:

      Media Line S.r.l., Via Val di Fiemme 1/4, I-39044 Egna (BZ)

    • Person responsible for data processing:

      Carlo Obletter, Administrator