• foot-scrub

      Foot scrub

      A foot peeling should be made at least once a week in order to avoid hard skin. Also feet suffer from being “enclosed” in shoes and socks during the whole winter time, therefore a peeling is recommended in order to give them respiration. The foot peeling has also deodorant, soften and purifying benefits even if you do it by yourself! The easiest method for a foot peeling is to pass the pumice stone once a week after a footbath with water, salt and bicarbonate, but you should not scratch too much, because the hard skin will get harder.

      There are also “recipes” for feet suitable for sandals! An example for a foot scrub is using a boiled potato and its water mixed up with a spoon of honey and a handful of maize flour, the one used for polenta.

      Potato and honey are indeed known for their soften and nutritional benefits, while polenta is a very delicate peeling . During summer it is also possible to prepare a foot peeling with 10 strawberry, 2 spoons of olive oil and a spoon of table salt. The latest thing in Spas is the “fish pedicure”, it’s about the fishes “Garra Rufa”, which “eat” dead cells of feet. These method comes from Japan , where it is also used against skin diseases as psoriasis.