• sand-peeling

      Sand peeling

      The sand peeling is one of the most known and simplest remedies in order to have a soft skin and it is particularly famous in Brazil. On the beach they collect humid sand and rub it on the whole body. A further idea for sand peeling is to pick it up on the beach, take care just to take clean sand , and mix it with some fine grained salt, water, olive oil, camellia or jojoba oil and an essential oil which is refreshing as lemon, thyme and mint.

      This peeling is cleaning deeply and has also an anti-cellulitis effect thanks to the presence of salt, which absorbs the water contained in body and osmosis. The sand peeling is not advised in the case of abrasions or wounds, because it could cause infections. The sand is dark and has a stronger abrasion effect because it keeps back more heat.