• sugar-peeling

      Sugar peeling

      The sugar peeling is recommended for the exfoliation of the skin, also in order to maintain a sun tan as long as possible. The sugar peeling can be prepared with cane sugar or honey, also with cane sugar and olive oil, both have emollient, moisturizing and anti- oxidant benefits and can be used either for body as for face. On the face it has to be rubbed more delicately, in order to avoid irritations and redness. Of course it is possible to add some drops of essential oil to the peeling of the body.

      The quality cane sugar which is grown biologically is “Dulcita”, “Panela” or “Mascobado”. These have more minerals in a natural state as white sugar as for example potassium, iron and calcium. The consistency of the real cane sugar is opaque and granular, not “smooth” as white sugar is. Moreover the white sugar causes fermentations in the digestive system.