• cardamom


      The cardamom is one of the most expensive spices, it’s popular because of its stimulant, carminative, laxative, purifying and aromatic properties. Beside from India the cardamom is also diffused in the Scandinavian countries. Here it represents the main ingredient for the Swedish liqeur, the glogg. The warming qualities of the cardamom are a very estimated element in these cold countries. The cardamom berries are also added to the coffee as for example in south- western Asia, to stimulate the digestion.

      Some capsules are added to the coffee powder in the coffee machine. In „One thousand and one night“ the cardamom is actually recommended as an aphrodisiac…It can alleviate headache and hiccup, it helps against meteorism, especially after a heavy meal, which consists from legumes and cruciferous plants. The cardamom isn’t only a panacea for the digestive system, but also for the respiratory system, the heart and the circulation and the nervous system.