• coriander


      The coriander is a spice, which has antibacterial, stomatic, carminative and aphrodisiac properties. It’s furthermore known for its anti- fermentative and antispastic qualities, moreover it has anagelsic, antipyretic, antiseptic, stimulating, antimycotic and cicatrizant properties. Coriander is a good tonic for the nervous system. One pinch coriander together with garlic dishes can neutralize the smell of garlic. Gastric cramps, digestive problems and dysentery are alleviated by coriander.


      Coriander contains the following vitamins: A, B1, B2 and C, moreover it contains a lot of iron. From this spice there is extracted an essential, perfuming oil, which has stimulating and warming effects and is added to baths and foot baths.