• ginger


      The ginger is a typical winter spice, it has warming, nurturing, antispastic, anti- emetic and aphrodisiac properties. The fresh rootstock is normally dried and sugared. The ginger belongs to the same plant family as the cardamom and is helpful against colds, affections of the bones and joints in the form of a mash compress or as antioxidant as addition to sweets and beverages. Ginger is furthermore recommended in case of digestive problems.

      It is efficient against nausea during pregnancy, meteorism and to alleviate inflammations of the colon. Regular consumption of ginger prevents ulcer and gastritis, at the same time it hinders the formation of dyspepsia. Furthermore ginger is helpful for the eye washing, if there are inflammations or allergies of the eyelids. The ginger essential oil is excellent for the fight against cellulitis, to alleviate muscle pains and to stimulate the blood circulation, especially during the cold months of the year.