• nutmeg


      The nutmeg is famous because of its digestive, carminative, antiseptic, calming, astringent and antibacterial properties. Therefor it’s used especially in warm countries, since it hinders the formation of numerous bacterias. In Orient the nutmeg is said to be a strong aphrodisiac and…with the beginning of the XVI century many European countries competed one with each other for the economic monopole of this nut.


      The nutmeg essential oil helps against affections of the osteomuscular system, neuralgias, catarrh and colds. The nutmeg has positive properties, but should be consumed only in moderate quanities. Too high quantities if it can be toxic and evoke hallucinations, disorientation and cramps. Therefor the nutmeg is seen as the „intoxicant of the poor people“. There exists also a nutritive nutmeg butter with a beige color, while the essential oil has a warm, spicy and balmy scent and nurturing and stimulating properties. It helps in case of weakness, chronic diarrhea, difficult breathing, digestive problems, circulatory problems.