• The mud quality

    • The thermal culture is the oldest of Europe, overcoming the empiricism has studied the effectiveness of raw materials through research and scientific evidence.

      Abano is, in the world, the biggest reality for the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis and may diseases related to joints.

      We speak of points of absolute power that give dignity and strength to the concept of health through mud bath therapy and Research Center Thermal Studies Pietro Abano:
      1) to be legislation by Law 40.
      2) credited to the Super level according to DGRV n. 2501 regarding the authorization and recognition of the Ministry of Health.

    • 1) is only used natural clay
      2) using a maturation process of the mud encoded and classification of algae that grow, they have been isolated unique strains of algae which in turn were deposited at the Pasteur Institute
      3) were isolated the active principles produced by these algae, is thus demonstrated their anti-inflammatory activity superior to cortisone and indomethacin (Mario Negri Sud)
      4) demonstration of protective cartilage by these agents (Cancer Institute of Genoa)
      5) has been activated the Euganean Thermal District observatory so that the University of Padua monitors and certifies the Mature Mud DOC
      6) were published 27 clinical studies on International Medical Journal with impact factor from the Center Thermal Studies Pietro Abano.

      Searches of the Center Thermal Studies Pietro Abano speak of evidence on the effects of anti-inflammatory mud therapy: the indicators of inflammation (PGE2) is significantly reduced in patients with musculoskeletal disorders treated with a benefit that is also reflected on the pain symptoms that can reduced by up to 40%. A study of the Lombardy shows that spa treatments can reduce by 10% the use of drugs with a benefit for the patient’s health and care spending.

      Rheumatism, arthritis and osteoarthritis, such as muscle tension, possibly derived from strains or bad posture, are pathologies or simply troubles many have experienced at least once. The pain it causes affects the joints, particularly the knees, as well as the muscles of the neck and back. In these moments it is easy to use anti-inflammatory drugs, such as NSAIDs, which, thanks to their principles, they act just loosening the inflammation and therefore pain. The mud of Abano, scientifically approved also appears to be an alternative method that allows to reduce the use of drugs.

      The Italian National Health Service covers the supply of thermal treatments for patients suffering from the following diseases: rheumatic, dermatological, gynecological, urinary, respiratory, ENT, vascular and of the gastrointestinal.