• The mud therapy

    • The distinctive element that makes it unique spas of Abano and Montegrotto is found mainly in their mud. Recognized and certified as a natural medicine, is beyond compare in the world for the benefits that are found on the human body. Noteworthy are the secular studies, analysis and research spiraled over the last 30 years by the Center Thermal Studies Veneto Pietro D'Abano, in collaboration with university institutions and research Pharmacological as the University of Padua and the Institute Mario Blacks. A demonstration that arrives impact was in 2005; realizing the effectiveness of the reduction of the inflammatory mud of Abano and Montegrotto Terme on a par with drug therapy based NSAIDs but without suffering the side effects invasive gastrointestinal damage.

      The richnes of the mud of the Euganean Terme is in at least three important elements:

      Solid or telluric (natural clay)

      hydro-mineral (thermal water)

      biological (micro-organisms and biomaterials)

      The mud virgin (inorganic part) is extracted from thermal lakes at the foot of the Euganean Hills, after the process of purification and filtration let stand, immersed in thermal water tubs. Due to heat and chemicals, the water has a decisive influence on the development of the microflora, thus, on its maturity to benefit from the therapeutical.

      The University of Padua is involved in monitoring every six months at the spa / hotel, with the aim of checking the origin, the respect of the maturation process and its operational protocol, to ensure the user the therapeutic efficacy of the mud .


      The mud in order to bestow its effectiveness needs a period of "maturity" that lasts 50/60 days in which is stationed in the "edgy", special tanks inside each hotel / establishment and remains in contact with thermal water 60 ° about a continuous stream.

      water and mud in symbiosis between their components, sustained for more from the light and heat of the sun to rise a typical thermophilic non-pathogenic microbial community which results in significant changes in the chemical / physical enriching the mud of precious active ingredients deriving from the metabolism of its unique flora of microalgae (diatoms and Cyanophyte)

      Only after this process of "ripening" the mud is ready to be applied but only on narrow indication of the doctor terminal in compliance with the prescribed therapy, within the appropriate department in each plant site / hotel.

      Healing effects

      Only after this slow ripening process the mud exerts its popular and long-lasting beneficial effects. The mud has an anti-inflammatory as to be in effect promoted the drug by the European Patent Office; more powerful than the known aspirin and less invasive dell'Aulin with no side effects, its principles have been scientifically proven anti-inflammatory with a European Patent.

      In the maturation process the mud is enriched by the cyanobacterium ETS-05, SP Phormiodium which produces glycolipid substances which produce high anti-inflammatory activity, all without the feared side effects, even for prolonged treatments, for this the action of the mud is definitely superior to that of cortisone itself.

      The scope of the anti-inflammatory mud due precisely microorganisms including the ETS-05 cyanobacterium Phormiodium SP has resulted, in 2010 and 2013, the registration of a patent that justifies and ranks as natural medication. In addition to its strong anti-inflammatory benefits, the mud of Abano Terme and Montegrotto, stops the degeneration of cartilage and stimulates the production of endorphins increase the pain threshold, besides being able to appreciate its re-mineralizing and trophic skin rashes.