• The miracles mud

    • The thermal mud it is composed of numerous active ingredients, the natural products through a process of maturation. This result is protected by Europe patent number 15701203 that confirm the validity, when properly regulated. The Center Thermal Studies Pietro Abano, titular European patent with the his research has promised to identification and show the efficient of treatment of diseases degenerative, chronic inflammation in particular moment those osteoarticolare.

      • action preventive
      • action analgesic
      • action anti-inflammatory
      • action ri-mineralizing
      • stimola la ricostruzione delle cartilagini
      • stimulating rebuilding cartilage
      • It stimulates endorphins
      • detoxifies and purifies

      The times change! If before the mud marked the prelude of middle age with the arrival of osteoarthritis, today it is no longer so, because the DOC argil makes miracles also against stress: improves circulation, detoxifies the body, demineralized and relaxing the muscles. As a matter of fact is that the mud does wonders for both the body, the skin but also the psyche...until Eros.

      The mud treatment
      lie down and packed in this natural thermal blanket, it generates a total relaxation.
      The mineral salts contents in the mud increase concentration for effect of thermal water. The contact with the skin start a process osmotic of reciprocal exchange.
      Through the perspiration they excrete toxins but at the same time the body is enriched with mineral salts, with the function to stimulate the metabolism and activate stress hormones: cortisol and beta-endorphins.
      The system neuroendocrine is stimulated: facilitates the production of pituitary hormones, giving rise to the restructuring of the balance bio humoral and sexual.

      The heat relaxes muscles and improves the circulation. Very important are the biological benefits of mature mud: remineralizzatine of bone and cartilage to repair itself.