• Thermal water

    • Since water is therefore subject to this long underground path, it is strongly heated and lifts maintains the temperature of 70 ° -87 ° C and enriched by dozens of minerals other.

      That's why this water is in the hot springs of Abano its main use in the development, conservation and regeneration of thermal mud. Its unique chemical composition is essential when adding mud produces a very special microfiber animane plant and during the ripening process, therefore being ready to give the therapeutic action. The phage is used in rheumatic diseases, osteoporosis, in joint pain, in the aftermath of trauma and fractures, as well as in diseases of the respiratory system that the thermal water in aerosol spray helps to fight.

      Not only for Best Age!

      The use of the waters and muds have been sufficient to allow the benefit at any age! Therefore we dismantle the cliché that the thermal are just the prelude for the elderly or as we would say today, for the best age.

      The power regenerative and curative mud and thermal waters of Abano Terme is recognized by the Ministry of Health and has had a major scientific research, curative and rehabilitative purpose, basically for sports, for women premenopausal and postmenopausal for people today We call the best age. As a matter of fact are healing clay DOC also does wonders for stress: improves circulation, detoxifies the body, the body remineralises relaxing the muscles, and extending its benefit to the body, the skin as well as for the psyche up eros ...

      In the treatments of mud; lie down and packed in this natural thermal blanket, it generates a total relaxation.

      The minerals contained in the sludge concentration increase due to the thermal water. Contact with the skin starts an osmotic process of mutual exchange.

      Through perspiration they excrete toxins but at the same time the body is enriched with mineral salts, with the function to stimulate the metabolism and activate stress hormones: cortisol and beta-endorphins. Even the neuroendocrine system is stimulated, thus favoring the production of pituitary hormones and giving rise to the restructuring of the balance biohumoral and sexual.

      The heat relaxes muscles and improves circulation. Very important are the biological benefits of mature mud: remineralization of bone and cartilage to repair itself.