• Treatment with mud

    • In the collective it joins the "mud" to a puddle or bad weather, difficult then to think that it can be used as a drug.
      But it is case the mud used in Abano Terme, with the they characteristic that makes them unique, infact are gifted of some microorganism to able to produce the natural substance to have anti-inflammatory, this clearly demonstrated scientifically.

      What makes the difference between using the sludge and a cure anti-inflammatory?
      In the first place the effect obtained by the treatment with the sludge and its well-being that derives is maintained for a longer period and its effectiveness, of it lasts in time.

      Apart from this motivation noteworthy and echoes, because the application of sludge decreases the use of drugs, the Health System provides for a refund, this in order to bring down public health spending.

      Finally and not least, the continuous use of anti-inflammatory drugs, in contrast to the mud therapy can result in serious side effects such as gastrointestinal problems and possible reactions with other drugs.