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      Tui Na Massage

      The Tui Na massage is of Chinese origins and works with the acupuncture meridians rised in this nation, which consider both body and soul as one single unit. According to the Chinese medicine every problem, physical or emotional, represents the “spy” of a deeper problem. This kind of massage is excellent for whom who would like to try acopuncture, but are afraid of needles.

      The therapeutic beneficials of acopuncture are scientifically proved even in the Occident: it’s an excellent treatment against nausea during pregnancy, during a chemotherapy, in case of addictions or problems with sleeping. The methods of this massage are: rolling, kneading, pression, friction, twisting, gripping, percussion; there exists no standard model of massage, because the manipulations are personalized according to patient needs.

      Thanks to the Tui Na massage people have more self- confidence and awareness, the muscular kinks are solved, the lymphatic and cardio- circulatory systems are stimulated, pains are alleviated and the muscles become more flexible. The Tui Na massage is also an alleviation for those who suffer from insomnia, stress, headache, toothache, gastro-intestinal and osteo- muscular problems.

      At the end of the first session this kind of massage provides a deep sensation of well-being, it’s perfect for everybody, even for children. Thanks to it the utilization of medicine can be reduced safely. There exists a specifical branch of this massage especially for childhood, which treats very good several problems of this age like: colics, colds, ear infections, breathing allergies etc.  The contraindications of this massage are: vertebral fractures or dislocations, pregnancy beyond the third month, in case of menstrual cycle, tumors, intestinal perforations, with full stomach or when the patient is too tired.