• wellness-advices

      Wellness advices

      Here a section of wellness and nourishment advices, which demonstrate that it isn’t always necessary to spend a lot of money for staying young, beautiful and healthy! Thanks to our wellness advices you can discover that living healthy must not automatically mean effort and hard work.

    • walking

      The simple walking is a very useful wellness exercise to loose weight. One 30- minutes walk a day or 15 minutes of stair- walking is enough to burn 150 kcal. For the daily routine it’s useful to park you’re car farther, to pull out of the bus a station earlier or to make a cozy shopping walk in the town center. Staying outdoors in the fresh air you aren’t only able to burn calories, but also to decrease gastronomic seducements, since many persons eat because of disquietude or agitation. Walking is a good method to brighten the humor, actually it’s a possibility to look after oneself. 

    • insomia

      Insomnia is a very diffused problem, one of three persons is concerned by it and it’s scientifically proven that a bad sleep affects the quality of life. Insomia isn’t only a consequence and assistant of anxiety, depression etc., but also a consequence of too many thoughts or responsabilities which impede the repose. Today people tend to sleep about 20% lesser than once, there exist numerous causes for this: dinners with friends, sports and physical activity in the evening, evenings in front of the TV…and the morning after there is waiting a long working day!

      Insomnia can be limited by following this rules: going to bed and waking up more or less at the same time. Drinking no exciting beverages like tea or coffee before going to bed, it’s better to drink some chamomile or whithorn tea, or a glass of milk.Finishing the dinner between 19.30 and 20.00 p.m., so that the digestion can be completed in time. Eating no heavy dishes, having no torches, radios, TV’s and phones in the bedroom. The “real” devices to combat insomnia are: White Chestnut or Boronia, in case of too many confusing thoughts, Ignatia 9Ch if you’re agitated; Coffea cruda D12, 10 pieces 45 minutes after dinner and 5 pieces half an hour before going to bed; 5 pieces after waking up in the night. Aspen in case of nightmares. It’s possible to put 2 drops of essential oil of mandarine, jasmine or lavender on the pillow before going to bed.

    • cellulitis

      Naturally there is also a chapter for the problem of Cellulitis! This disfigurement concerns 8 of 10 women, even very thin women as for instance Kate Moss or Victoria Beckham are affected by it. Cellulitis can have numerous causes: genetic, underexercise, alcool or smoke abuse, trousers which are too tight and block the bloody circulation, the utilization of hormonal contraceptives etc. Cellulitis has three stages: edematic, when the swelling is due to a stowage of water and of superfluous fluids in the thighs, arms, ankles and shanks.

      It begins with a feeling of heaviness in the legs. During the second stage, which is called fibrous, there is visible the so- called dimpled skin, capillar fragility, a dull colour. If the skin is taken between two fingers, it already shows knops. The third stage of cellulitis, also called “calcificated cellulitis”, gives the skin a “mattress” appearance. It’s cold, hard and aching, while the knops are elevated and immerged. Naturally the problem of capillar fragility in this case is even more evident. To combat cellulitis it’s important to break smoking, to eat fruit and vegetables, to drink at least 1,5 liters a day, to do sports acitivities (even a simple walk a day is enough) every day. The perfect wellness treatments to combat cellulitis are: mesotherapy, fangotherapy, lymphatic drainage, hydromassage etc.  It’s also possible to combat cellulitis at home thanks to a simple salt bath, to the utilization of clay or algas. All these ingredients detox the skin profoundly, helping the drainage of toxic and superfluous substances.