• barley


      The barley is a very nourishing cereal, it contains vitamin A, vitamins of the B group, C and E, salicylic acid, which is an excellent remineralizer of nails and hair and has moreover a sedative effect. The barley is very rich in phosphor, which is recommended for people who have to do intelectual work. Other minerals which barley contains are: magnesium, potassium, zinc, silicium, mucilage. The regular consumption of barley blocks the possibility of myiocardial infarct, the formation of negative cholesterole in the liver, or the formation of breast cancer.

      Moreover it stimulates the memory. Barley has a refreshing, cardiotonic, laxative, detoxificating, decongestional, anti- inflammatory and energetic effect. Therefor it was often the meal of gladiators. Moreover it has an excellent remineralizing effect on the bones and it’s recommended for children and elderly people. In Italy barley is eaten especially in Tuscany and in South Tyrol, in the form of soup which has a high satiable effect and keeps under control the bad cholesterole. The regular consumption of barley prevents cystitis, gastritis, dyspepsia, constipation, colitis, lung problems, inflammations of the oral cavity and the throat. There exist also barley candies especially for such inflammations. The barley soup provides a lot of energy and has a satiable effect, therefor recommended during diets. Furthermore this cereal substains the heart, it has laxative, galattogene, emollient qualities. It’s possible to consume it in the form of flour, flakes, malt or coffee (especially for people who don’t tolerate caffeine). The barley brew is helpful to decongestion reddened skin.