• coconut


      Probably everybody knows the coconut since it is a protagonist on the beaches in the summertime. The cococnut is a good and healthy alternative for a snack, it provides energy, nourishes and calms down the nervous hunger, better than processed food which moreover is rich in calories. The coconut is always one of the principal references for the alimenation in the tropical regions and it’s a nourishing, slimming, tonic and adipsous fruit, it stimulates the metabolism. It can also be consumed in the form of water, milk or oil.

      The coconut oil is a very efficient aftersun and nourishes the skin, moreover it can be used in kitchen. It has actually anti- inflammatory and purifying qualities, improving the circulation and reducing the cholesterole. Coconut milk is that white liquid extracted by the pulp, it’s rich in Vitamin B and C, in potassium. It has excellent remineralizing qualities, it helps to combat flatulences and congestions, especially in combination with baobab powder. It contains many calories, so it’s better to drink it at the morning. The coconut water is obtained from the nut, when it is still green, it’s excellent against cellulitis, nervous hunger and to give the body new energies.