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      Wellness and cosmetics

      The wellness and cosmetic sector is experiencing a great expansion not only in Occident thanks to men- wellness, but even among the emerging economies, such as India. In this Asian giant, the wellness and cosmetic sector isn’t increasing only in the big cities like Kolkata or Mumbai, but even in the small ones. This fact can amaze, as the better informed know that India is the cradle of Ayurvedic medicine, which pays a lot of attention to the body cure. An example are the popular massages- seen by the ancient Indian medicine as a real medicine.

      Even the Occident is re- discovering the traditional recipes of wellness and cosmetics, an example is alpine wellness, which has its origins in the old tradition of the mountains, the habitants knew a lot about the beneficial qualities of hay, of milk derivatives, fruit etc. In Italy you can inform yourself about all the wellness and esthetic news thanks to various fairs in this sector, such as the famous “Cosmoprof” in Bologna or the “Rimini Wellness”.

      In Occident the sector “wellness and cosmetics” which grows the most is the natural one, based on natural ingredients, as the consumer is more and more aware about the composition and the provenience of the various ingredients which compose the cosmetics. Seeing a cream in the supermarket, in the pharmacy or at the perfumery you can consult the biological dictionary to check the ingredients. Another reassurance is the ICEA certificate, this is especially important for people with allergies or sensible skin. Another tendency in this sector in the Occident is the rediscovering of self-made cosmetics based on fruit, vegetables, yogurt, which contain very beneficial substances for the skin. In the pharmacies you can even find several products based on thermal waters, especially Italian and French ones. Actually these two nations have a long wellness and body- cure tradition.

    • avocado

      Apart from being a delicious and healthy fruit for its richness in vitamin E and fatty acids, the avocado is as well known in the cosmetic area for its nourishing, moisturizing and tonic properties. It’s especially useful to soften and moisturize dry and mature skins or dry and curly hair. For instance there are available many masks made of avocado for tired and dull skin, but it’s even possible to prepare one at home mixing ½ mature avocado with one spoon of honey, one of white yogurt and the flesh of a cucumber. 

      It’s recommended to add also some drop of lemon for avoiding the avocado’s oxidation. Then blend the whole composite and let it rest for a 15 minutes. A helpful mask for dry and rough hands is the following one: mix the avocado flesh with some lemon juice and an egg yolk, then immerse the hands completely into the blend letting them in for about 15 minutes.  The ingredients for a simple and efficient hair mask are the following ones: one mature avocado, 1 spoon of honey, one spoon of olive oil. The mask should stay on the hair for about 10-15 minutes, covering it with a cap of plastic for an efficient “sauna effect”. 
      Afterwards the hair will be very soft and docile!

    • blueberries

      Apart from strengthen the sight, blueberries possess anti- tumoral, astringent, refreshing and tonifying qualities, especially for what concerns the heart and circulatory system. The blueberry represents an excellent cleaner of the arteries, it’s able to control the levels of “bad” cholesterol. The regular consumption of blueberries improves the diuresis, it tonifies the capillaries, cleans the urinary passages. Therefore they are recommended for women in case of cystitis. A blueberry- tea is also useful and efficient in case of hemorrhoids, urinary or back problems, dysentery.

      The regular consumption of blueberries inhibits the development of the Alzheimer’s disease in elderly persons. The berries are used in several alpine wellness treatments thanks to their lenitive qualities, they are an excellent wellness ingredient to use as compress or scrub after a long and hard day in the mountains.

    • camellia-oil

      The camellia oil is one of the beauty secrets of Japanese women, to maintain their hair soft and shiny and to preserve their skin from aging. This oil is also very recommended to nourish and stretch frizzy and very dry hair. It contains the vitamins A,B,E,F and has antibacterial, anti- diabetic and anti- tumoral qualities. The camellia oil is actually efficient to care the nails and to cure stretch marks. Even the actress Kate Winslet tried it and was very satisfied about its effects. In Japan this oil is that popular that it’s actually used by sumo- fighters to oil their hair and to prevent dandruffs.

      It’s also recommended for dry and delicate skins, it’s pressed cold and it’s one of the rare oils which can be used without dilution. It has a neutral smell and it can be conserved for a long time. The camellia oil is very known for its hydrating and invigorating qualities, there are sufficient small quantities of it to achieve satisfying results. It’s an excellent cure in case of burns, warts, callosity. Actually massaging it on the scalp stimulates the hair growth.

    • chamomile

      The chamomile is the most known and most loved medicinal herb, actually its qualities were known by the Egyptians. Chamomile contains small quantities of the vitamins A and B, and the following minerals: fluorine, manganese, calcium, sodium, copper, zinc. Normally this herb is used as tea before going to bed or to calm swollen eyes. The chamomile is beneficial for dry skins, thanks to its calming, anti- inflammatory and lenitive qualities. This herb is also used to combat inflammations, muscular spasms and colds.

      It furthermore helps in case of allergies, as it represents a powerful natural anti- histamine. Apart from helping to sleep, the chamomile tea calms menstrual pains, neuralgias, liver and digestive problems. The chamomile alleviates skin problems such as eczemas, skin eruptions or injuries, thanks to its healing, disinfecting and lenitive properties.

    • cidar-vinegar

      The cidar vinegar is a real natural cosmetic product, it’s often added to the bathwater to maintain the skin young. Moreover it’s a good cure in case of oily and impure skin. This bath is an excellent natural aftersun remedy, or a help in case of dull skin. The cidar vinegar can be used as a purifying scrub, mixed with some white clay and tepid water. The compond must be fluid and stay on the face for about 20 minutes.

      An ancient remedy of our grandmothers foresees the addition of some cidar vinegar to the water of the last hair rinsing for making them shiny, it’s also useful to combat a danduff and itchy scalp. The vinegar is even useful to eliminate louses, it’s sufficient to immerse the head into a basin filled with water and vinegar after having washed the hair with the right shampoo. If used for nutrition the cidar vinegar is very rich in minerals such as fluorine, calcium, potassium, sulfur, magnesium, zinc, silicon, iron and copper. This kind of vinegar contrasts the rotting procedures of the intestine and has moreover tonifying, rimineralizing, balancing and bactericidal properties. 
      Furthermore it represents an excellent artery- cleaner.

    • donkey-milk

      The donkey milk isn’t only a principal ingredient of the famous Poppea bath, which maintains the skin young and elastic, but it’s even a highly digestible milk, and therefore proper for persons who are lactose intolerant. Even newborns can drink this milk, also because it’s the most similar to the mother milk. Furthermore it has a more pleasant flavor than the artificial milk. This kind of milk is also drinkable by elderly person, convalescents or afflicted by osteoporosis or problems of digestion. The donkey milk actually is rich in omega 6, vitamins A, B2,E, phosphor and calcium.

      This milk is also used for baths or scrubs, as it represents a delicate detergent for the skin, it has protective and lenitive qualities. Moreover 
      it helps to combat stretch marks!

    • grape

      The grape is an autumnal fruit very rich in antioxidants, also known for its purifying qualities. Actually the famous “grape cure” was invented at the end of the XIX century by a Meranese Jewish doctor to purify the body. The therapeutic utilization of grape is known since antiquity, it seems that even Cleopatra took baths in must to preserve her legendary beauty. Apart from being famous for its purifying qualities, grape has also laxative, diuretic, tonifying, anti- tumoral and digestive properties. Moreover grape controls the “bad” cholesterol, helping to clean the arteries. 

      Furthermore even the grape derivatives are very good allied of healthiness and youth, as for instance grape seed – often used to combat the aging of body through massages, masks or baths. Even the grape seeds are used during massages cleaning this way combination and impure skin profoundly. And last but not least the grape must is often used for several beauty treatments, thanks to its nourishing, stimulant, antibacterial and invigorating qualities.

    • oat

      Oat is a very popular cereal among the human and animal nutrition, for instance it serves to feed horses and it’s the main ingredient of the famous English porridge, made of oat flakes boiled in milk. Oat is rich in vitamin B, calcium, phosphor, trace elements and it helps to cure liver, intestinal, cardiac, endocrine and nervous problems. It’s also recommended for diabetics, as it helps to regulate the blood- sugar quantity. The mother tincture of oat is used to cure problems such as insomnia, physical or mental exhaustion, depression, thanks to its tonifying, energetic and balancing properties.

      Oat has laxative, diuretic and purifying qualities. Oat is also known for its emollient and lenitive qualities, therefore often used to prepare soaps and lotions.  The oat flour is also used to prepare a soft scrub, mixing a spoon of it with a spoon of yogurt, two spoons of lemon juice and grated apple. An oat- mask is excellent for dry skins, thanks to its nourishing qualities. It’s possible to prepare one mixing a spoon of oat flour with one spoon of milk and one of rose water, the mask should stay on for about 20 minutes.

    • peach

      The peach stone oil contains the vitamins A and E and is obtained by the cold pressing of the peach stone. It’s recommended for dry and mature skins, it’s very mild and it absorbs fast-  therefore excellent for facials. The peach stone oil belongs to the carrier oils and it’s recommended to protect the skin of children, thanks to its lenitive and hydrating qualities. It’s also excellent to improve skin problems such as psoriasis or eczemas. It could be used as hair mask due to its nourishing and sheening qualities.

      The peach stone isn’t the only allied of beauty and wellness, but also the peach as fruit is a helpful stimulant of the peristalsis, the diuresis, it’s rich in potassium, sodium, iron, calcium, fibers and in the vitamins A,C,K,E and B. This kind of fruit has re- mineralizing, re- forming, antioxidant and tonifying qualities. It helps the immune system, improves the sleep, contrasts the formation of kidney stones and helps to combat the skin aging. The peaches help the body to produce more melanin, which is important to avoid sunburns. Peaches are actually an excellent ingredient to nourish and to give the hair more volume. It’s sufficient to blend the flesh of three peaches with some lemon juice and some ventilated green clay. The compound must stay on the hair for about 30 minutes and then it can be rinsed normally. In case of lazy bowel instead it’s recommended the consumption of three steamed preaches for breakfast on an empty stomach.

    • rice-oil

      The rice oil, also known under the name “rice bran oil”, is both used in kitchen and cosmetics, especially in the oriental world. It’s obtained by the elaboration of the chaff and the germ. If consumed as boiling fat it helps to clean the arteries, preventing the formation of the bad cholesterol. The rice oil is very rich in gamma- oryzanol, omega 3,6,9, phytosterols and vitamin E, it’s a very powerful antioxidant. The rice oil is excellent for the skin, as it helps to screen the solar radiation, it’s known for its emollient, anti- aging, levigating and anti- inflammatory qualities.

      Therefore it’s often used for the preparation of soaps, detergents and body lotions. Rice oil is also useful as Aftersun lotion and as a face mask for dry and mature skins. Same as the almond oil even the rice oil is an excellent natural emollient for the intestine, recommended also for children and elder persons. It’s recommended the consumption of one spoon per day in case of lazy bowel.

    • white-tea

      Apart from being known for its antioxidant and anti-tumoral qualities, the white tea, together with the green one, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. They are fundamental to maintain the skin young. The tea is actually one of the secrets of the compact complexion of Chinese and Japanese women. The white tea is even more rich in antioxidants than the green tea, as it’s made of younger leaves. Oriental women know about this fact: they do not only drink this kind of tea but use it also as a beauty mask. The tea is very rich in fluor and excellent to combat caries as well.