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      Wellness and gourmet

      The concepts wellness and gourmet are a perfect match, the Italian nation is very popular for its gastronomic tradition. Many people don’t think about the cuicine when booking a wellness holiday, but in Italy they can also count on delicious specialties…numerous health resorts offer excellent menu’s, which are delicious and light at the same time, therefor the guests are able to combine wellness and relax with excellent culinary offers.

      The best regions for a wellness and gourmet holiday in Italy are the Trentino South Tyrol and the Tuscany region, thanks to their great variety of typical products, such as olive oil, wines, cheese etc. Sometimes the wellness treatments are made with these regional products: the wine therapy works with the nourishing and antioxidant qualities of wine, scrubs and massages are made with olive oil, which has emollient and nourishing properties. 

      Another protagonist for a wellness and gourmet holiday is chocolate, it is a typical moodlifter and excellent to nourish the skin, moreover it acts against cellulitis and oxidants. There are available numerous chocholate masks, compresses and massages, it has a positive effect on the heart and the brain, especially dark chocolate. Dark chocholate can be eaten every day, but only small quantities, because of the calories and the sugar. A good destination for wellness and gourmet holidays in South Tyrol is Alta Badia, here the guests can enjoy a real culinary pleasure stay, since the area offers numerous top restaurants, which are assigned with the Michelin Stars.

      Even the mountain huts and Alpine huts offer tasty specialties. Tuscany is a wonderful region for a wellness and gourmet holiday as well, this region offers the famous wine Chianti, and many other wine and cheese varieties. Even Umbria is a popular gourmet and wellness region by now, here the guests can find picturesque landscapes and typical specialties like venison, noudle dishes, pecorina, white or black truffles…the list is endles. A wellness and gourmet holiday is also perfect for couples, as there are bookable numerous romantic wellness packages.