• wellness-and-hiking

      Wellness and hiking

      The concepts “wellness and hiking” can be combined very well one with the other, since the mountain atmosphere is often a real natural beauty farm, as scientifically proved by the University of Innsbruck. Here some beneficial effects of a mountain holiday on an altitude from 1400 to 2000 metres: the metabolism works faster, a better blood circulation, the respiratory system has a better function thanks to the clean and fresh air, less allergies.

      The mountain is also a perfect ambience for convalescents, especially for those who suffer from illnesses on the respiratory system, for children and seniores, since the mountain clime is an excellent sedative. Moreover moderate physical activity and sunlight stimulate the secretion of serotonin, which is the wellness hormone. The mountains are very generous with us, but it’s necessary to respect them. One of the first rules is to be cautious, as recommended by the famous alpinist Reinhold Messner and to choose always trails, which are in agreement with the own level of physical preparation. If you overvalue your own capacities, there can happen accidents or injuries.

      In South Tyrol you can find a hotel chain which is able to connect wellness to interesting hiking tours in the mountains. These are the so- called “Wanderhotels” or trekking- hotels, hotels in the mountains, which belong to the hotel chain “Vitalpina”. These hotels offer not only 4 hikes per week, guided by professional alpine guides, but also the possibility to rent a knapsack, hiking poles or touring maps. The “Vitalpina” wellness treatments offer the possibility to try typical Alpine or also Oriental treatments. The most recommended for walkers are: massages with oil of mountain pine or mint, known for their tonifying and energizing properties. The Finish sauna and the Turkish bath, excellent to purify the body, eliminate the stress and effort. The Ayurvedic full body massages are a real help against stress as well. Other ideas are: the cream baths or wet packs with goat butter, excellent to regenerate the skin after an adventurous day in the freezy, windy air or in the sun.

    • face-mask-with-argan-oil

      A face mask based on argan oil is excellent after a long day in the mountains, since the altitude and the sun are very stressful for the skin. Moreover even the cold and the wind are strenuous for the skin, especially in winter. The argan oil regenerates the skin profoundly, thanks to its richness in vitamin E and A, known as the so- called "beauty vitamins". A face mask with argan oil is especially recommended in case of dry, dull and mature skin.

    • hyaluronan-treatment-against-facial-erythrosis

      Facial erythrosis is a chronically reddening of the cheeks and the nose flanks since the capillars are swollen. This is a inesthetism, since the skin loses its elasticity. This problem rises especially on dry, sensible and mature skin, also the wind, cold temperatures and the sun have an influence on it. Therefor the hyluronan acid is recommended to treat skins affected by this problem, thanks to its refreshing, hydrating and protective qualities.