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      Wellness and medicine

      The concept of wellness and medicine is interwoven with the herbal medicine, actually our forefathers knew very well the healing qualities of herbs and plants, not only in the form of decoctions, teas or baths, but also as aromatic herbs. They never should fail on the table! Even the alpine wellness could be integrated into this category, as the mountain farmers of the Dolomites knew perfectly about the healing qualities of ingredients as for example milk and its derivatives, honey, hay, fresh and dry fruit or chestnuts. 

      Another protagonist ingredient of wellness and medicine is lemon, known for its antibacterial, astringent and tonifying qualities. Even spices possess healing properties, known since the Middle Ages. Even the essential oils, well- known for its cosmetic properties, belong to the category “wellness and medicine” as many of them have medical properties. An example is the oil of the tea tree, very efficient for the healing of warts or other skin problems such as acne thanks to its bactericide properties. Insomnia can be healed burning essential oil of lavender, rosemary, incense or verbena in an apporpiate burner, of course dissolved in carrier oil.

      They help to combat influence, nausea, swollen extremities and a lot of other problems in a totally natural way! Today a lot of people know the healing power of the famous Bach flowers, the Australian or Californian flowers able to treat physical and emotional problems in a totally natural way. Even nutrition belongs to the category “wellness and medicine” as already in antiquity Hippocrates declared: “Let food be your medicine”. A lot of doctors, nutritionists and naturopaths actually recommend a healthy diet rich in antioxidants, fibers and vitamins, and poor in animal fats. Not only for being fit but also for avoiding bad diseases such as diabetes, heart- circulatory problems, the Alzheimer’s diseas or tumors. Therefor a healthy nutrition isn’t only a good method for staying fit and young but even a very good investment for the own future!