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      Wellness and nature

      You can count on numerous ideas for a combination of wellness and nature: skiing, cycling, mountainbiking, golfing, mountain excursions, etc. The binomial “wellness and nature” belongs to the best sectors of tourism, as during their holidays many persons wish to be in contact with nature and also to practise some physical activity, and moreover to have some time for their own, thanks to the various wellness treatments.

      This kind of holiday is available in places like Tuscany, on Lake Garda, Abruzzo, in Apulia, in Trentino South Tyrol. This last region is actually the most equipped one for a wellness holiday in combination with sport. This region offers the popular “Golfhotels”, the so-called “Wanderhotels” for excursionists and hikers, the  “Bikehotels” for bikers. In winter there are many hotels and resorts for skiing holidays in combination with wellness.

      Moreover all the thermal localities offer “wellness and nature” packages, which allow the guests to connect the thermal treatments with guided hikes in the surroundings, afoot or on bike. Many times it’s also possible to discover the typical specialties of the visited region, observing all the single production states…discovering that these products often are also utilized for wellness and cosmetic treatments.  Some examples are: olive oil and its derivatives, utilized in the spa’s in Apulia or on the Lake Garda, apples, utilized in the health resorts of Trentino- South Tyrol, citrus fruits or almonds which are utilized in the Sicilian health resorts and in Sardinia.

      A very trendy sport is the horse trekking, practiced especially in the agri- tourisms. This tourist structure has actually experienced a real boom during the last years. It’s possible to spend this kind of holiday in the agri- tourisms of Trentino- South Tyrol, Umbria or Tuscany. Fans of oriental wellness can combine their passion with the life in the fresh air. An example is the yoga trekking. This variant of yoga is born in 2001 and harmonizes the two disciplines, making yoga exercises in the heart of the nature having reached this place through a hiking tour. One yoga trekking program can last from one to four days.