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      Wellness and equitation

      Equitation is a complete sport, which allows all the body muscles to be active: the dorsals, the plexus sacral, the arms, the shoulders. This sport is recommended for women, since it’s excellent to tone the legs and the gluteal muscle. Moreover equitation helps to burn calories, it’s excellent for people who want to lose weight. Furthermore the therapeutic horseback riding is excellent for people who suffer from emotional problems or for people, who are affected by the down’s syndrome.

      Equitation helps in case of exaggerated shyness, it boosts the self-confidence, the person has more confidence in herself. For children the right age to begin with equitation is 7. Other advantages of horseback riding are: improvement of the heart function, improvement of the concentration and the mobility. Horsebach riding is contraindicated in the following cases: slipped disc, some heart diseases, other problems with the vertebral column. Riding ist excellent against stress, it sitmulates the concentration, since the rider has to pay attention to the horse. 

      Therefor horseback riding should be learned under the guide of a experienced teacher, who has been certificed by the FISE. Before doing a horse trekking tour, it’s necessary to know the horseback riding tecniques and to learn them at a FISE riding stable, where should be offered a bigger choice of riding horses. Since there must be decided which horse character matches with the rider. A principiant should choose calm horses like the famous “Haflinger” horse, while expert riders can also choose an Arabian horse, popular for its temperament and its elegance.

      During the last years the horse trekking became more and more popular even in Italy, thanks to the growth of the sector “farm holidays”. The horse trekking brings the rider into contact with nature, the intact landscape is the ambience for the trekking tours. The most popular regions of Italy for this kind of sport are: Trentino- South Tyrol, Tuscany, Lombardy, Abruzzi, Venetia, Umbria, Piedmont, Latium, Calabria, Apulia.