• wellness-in-autumn

      Wellness in autumn

      Wellness in autumn consists of peeling, regeneration and purification of the skin. The peeling could be made with scrubs at least two times a week, it donates the skin a better and longer browning, since the skin is released of dead cells, which could make the color dull. Moreover the right alimentation supports a good skin browning: a good example is the pumpkin, since it has laxative, purifying qualities and it’s rich in beta- carotenes and vitamin C.

      Other autumnal fruits are grapes, pears, wild berries, chestnuts and apples- excellent remedies to support the general well- being, thanks to their richness in warming and purifying dietery fibres and antioxidants. Even dry fruits like nuts are an excellent support in autumn, consumed in moderate quantities. They are rich in vitamin E, which keeps young, and in essential fatty acids, a real magic bullet for the heart and the brain. These fruits are findable even in the beauty farms and in the health resorts because of their positive properties: the chestnuts have cleaning and relieving properties, the grape and its derivatives are excellent antioxidants, wild berries are remedies against weak vessels, they are also helpful against colds. 

      In summer the skin becomes dry, therefor it should be hydrated through creams, even oils made from almonds, macadamia, jojoba or mustard are helpful. They all have warming and nourishing qualities. They repair wrinkles and stretch marks, keep the skin elastic and young. A fattier cream could be a good remedy for keeping young certain skin parties, for example the area around the eyes. With the autumn there are returning the rainy and fresh days, which sometimes can influence the humor. To fight the typical melancholia of this season there can be taken the famous Bach flowers.

      Some examples are: “Rescue Remedy” against general irritability, Walnut to accept changes. Homeopathic remedies, which help, are: arnica montana, nux vomica, phosphorus, kalium phosphoricum. Even chocolate is a good moodlifter. It can be used for massages, chocolate has a nurturing and aphrodisiac effect, but it's also a remedy against cellulities, thanks to the its richness in theobromine and caffeine.